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Learn with me up-close and personal!

These transformational classes range from hour long workshops to 4-day retreats.

While I offer the most comprehensive Raw Food trainings available, my raw food classes incorporate much more than just raw food. They include the spiritual, mental and emotional components needed to make true, long lasting changes in every area of your life.

Come to one of my Pop-Up Raw Food Dinners to experience some incredible gourmet raw food, attend one of my Consciously Creating Success or Youthing Courses, or make a monumental life change by signing up for my Raw Food Certification Class.

Be inspired to make the changes you need to live your most authentic and impassioned life!

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Aug 29

Image-1 copy
What you probably don’t know about my classes...

I always have people ask me if I have classes to teach people how to go raw besides the raw food teacher training...

Aug 16

A Magical Raw Food Dinner

The first of my Unrooted pop-up raw food dinners this Saturday night was a huge success! It was a magical night of...

Aug 03

Green Energy Soup

This is an old recipe that Ann Wigmore recommended for acute illness and for revitalizing your body. I make it because it’s...

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