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Not only will you be receiving individual healing but the healings become amplified by the group energy.

Whether you've just discovered energy healing or you are an experienced practitioner/healer yourself, everyone is welcome.

Everyone will get what they need based on where they are at.

All you need is a desire to shift and to give yourself permission to heal and grow.

Light language is the language of our DNA 

and helps to activate parts of our DNA. 


It activates our divine blueprint, unlocks our highest potential 

and reminds us of our mission, purpose and talents. 


Our hearts speaks the language of light!


Light Language is a channeled language that conveys messages through sound and energy. It is a language that speaks directly to your soul. Although there is no word for word translation, your soul will resonate with the information. You will “feel” the information as opposed to the logical mind “thinking” about what is being said and being attached to the old beliefs, patterns and thoughts.


Light Language is a powerful futuristic and ancient form of communication. It can works on a deep cellular level to clear blocks to your joy, love, health and abundance. Childhood trauma, physical, emotional and past life issues can be removed and you can experience greater freedom, wisdom, healing, regeneration and activation. Light Language can change and transform you at a cellular level.


Light Language is expressed through many different forms: Channeled words, physical movement, singing and chanting, written codes, symbols and art. One symbol, word, or movement can often tell a whole story. 


Before I channel light language, most often I receive a download of a general theme as to the transmission and it's purpose. However, sometimes it is only after speaking it that I will know what the message was meant for. 


When receiving Light Language, it may trigger an awakening and activation of codes within you that bring in harmony, connection to your higher self, and feelings of familiarity and recognition of this language.


You may feel energy moving in your body or a tingling while receiving it. You may also experience an opening up of intuitive visions. 


Afterward it is common to feel calmer, more peaceful and relaxed, sleepy, blissful, hungry or wired. Everyone experiences it in their own way


In a group setting, the Light language will be for the collective consciousness of the group. In a private one on one session, we will speak about what area or issue is of importance to you. I’ll use a variety of modalities, including light language, to connect to your higher self and guides to access answers to questions you may have about any area of your life that you would like to work on and explore.

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