I help you tap into the answers inside of yourself with practical tools and step-by-step instructions for finding your truth and navigating your life path. These techniques allows you to access the wisdom that is already within you.


 Through my work, you will learn how to trust yourself, follow your heart, and create the life you want to live.

Alissa Cohen

Intuitive Guide ~Healer ~Medicine Women ~Artist

Live a life that lights you up!

Online Courses

Shift your reality, blast through blockages, and clear out the old beliefs that are holding you back and tripping you up. Learn how to manifest what you truly desire with tools and techniques you’ve never had access to before!

Available on my Membership site! - coming in June!

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Membership Community

For those who are ready to take their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth to the next level. Transforming yourself has never been easier!

 When you join my inner circle, I'll be your personal coach, you’re never on your own!

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Launching in June!
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