Energy Healing

"Working with Alissa is a joy! I always feel elated, more deeply connected to myself and happier when I leave a session with her. I have found so many answers to the questions I have been asking for years. Alissa helped me to see that my inner child was running my life and taught me the techniques to deal with this in my everyday life when it comes up. I am no longer trapped by so many other emotional issues that once held me back from living my life. I feel like my heart is fully open!"

Erin T.

Sessions are available over Zoom, by phone or in Gloucester, MA


Please email or call if you have any questions or to schedule a session. 

or call 978-985-7217.

Appointments are 1 - 11/2  hours in length and the fee is $120.00 per session. Please click here to book a session.


"If you are really ready to heal your past and step into your true self, I highly recommend Alissa.

I thought I was really looking at my stuff for years, but I was just skimming the surface.

It wasn’t easy at first to look at where my patterns were coming from, but for the first time in my life, I am able to create the life I want and not the life that past beliefs, attitudes and situations had created for me. I’m finally free."

Sandra W.


I just had a session with Alissa and it was the best healing session I have ever had. She is so loving and sincere. I’ve had many healing session over the years but the way Alissa tunes into your higher self and gets questions for you is really remarkable. She was so right on with all of my emotional stuff, family issues and health concerns. She helped me to clear out so many emotions and also worked on my physical body. I almost can’t believe how clear and calm I feel and also how different my body feels, my knee pain is totally gone!

Sarah L.

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