Energy Healing / Life Guidance / Light Language


(in person or over Zoom) $120.00


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When you're ready to change some deeply rooted programming, shift your belief system, work with those parts of you that are tripping you up and create a luminous future of abundance in every area of your life!

  • Career and purpose

  • Relationships and dating

  • Health, weight-loss, nutrition and fitness, herbal remedies and medicine making

  • Energy healing 

  • Creative blocks

  • Pain, fear, hurt, depression, anxiety, loss.

  • Inner child, inner adolescent, negative ego, image, future self...


All sessions are unique and personalized specifically for you. There is no template or format that we follow. You do not have to choose one area to work on. The work can shift in whatever direction you need during this time as we move through obstacles. Working in this way creates a domino effect and you never know where this will lead and what we will uncover. Because of this, we will be discovering new information that will allow you to go deeper and deeper into self discovery and self awareness. 

Sessions are available over Zoom, by phone or in Gloucester, MA


    Please email or call if you have any questions or to schedule a session

"If you are really ready to heal your past and step into your true self, I highly recommend Alissa. I thought I was really looking at my stuff for years, but I was just skimming the surface. It wasn’t easy at first to look at where my patterns were coming from, but for the first time in my life, I am able to create the life I want and not the life that past beliefs, attitudes and situations had created for me. I’m finally free."

Sandra W.


Alissa is an amazing energy healer and psychic. I have used her a number of times and also sent family and friends to see her as well. She is a kind and caring individual with an incredible gift of being able to verbalize what is going on in your mind and how events might play out in your life. She has told me things about myself that I have never mentioned to anyone else. Alissa is helpful in offering direction regarding how you can live your life in the most fulfilling way possible. She can even tell you about your past lives and how that is affecting you today. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Sue W.



I just had a session with Alissa and it was the best healing session I have ever had. She is so loving and sincere. I’ve had many healing session over the years but the way Alissa tunes into your higher self and gets questions for you is really remarkable. She was so right on with all of my emotional stuff, family issues and health concerns. She helped me to clear out so many emotions and also worked on my physical body. I almost can’t believe how clear and calm I feel and also how different my body feels, my knee pain is totally gone!

Sarah L.


  My biggest strength is helping people to realize their dreams and manifest their desires. Weaving together my passions for health, healing and spirituality allows me to guide and help people on many levels.


My life-long journey with metaphysics and spirituality started when I was very young. I realized I could see, hear and feel things beyond the physical realm. In my late teens I began studying transpersonal psychology and the nature of reality. This is still what I practice daily, in an ongoing quest for deeper states of awareness in myself and to help others.

I have been using energy healing, food, natural medicines and art for transformation and healing for 30+ years with individuals as well as teaching group classes.

"Working with Alissa is a joy! I always feel elated, more deeply connected to myself and happier when I leave a session with her. I have found so many answers to the questions I have been asking for years. Alissa helped me to see that my inner child was running my life and taught me the techniques to deal with this in my everyday life when it comes up. I am no longer trapped by so many other emotional issues that once held me back from living my life. I feel like my heart is fully open!"

Erin T.


"Alissa helped me heal my chronic back pain and numerous other ailments. Using nutrition, natural remedies and energy healing, I feel 20 years younger and I am no longer in pain for the first time in 25 years. She’s a modern medicine woman!"

Donna P.


(in person or over Zoom) $120.00


FREE Group Live Streem

Some information about the free group light language healings that I do on Wednesday afternoons:

Light language is the language of our DNA 

and helps to activate parts of our DNA. 


It activates our divine blueprint, unlocks our highest potential 

and reminds us of our mission, purpose and talents. 


Our hearts speaks the language of light!


Light Language is a channeled language that conveys messages through sound and energy. It is a language that speaks directly to your soul. Although there is no word for word translation, your soul will resonate with the information. You will “feel” the information as opposed to the logical mind “thinking” about what is being said and being attached to the old beliefs, patterns and thoughts.


Light Language is a powerful futuristic and ancient form of communication. It can works on a deep cellular level to clear blocks to your joy, love, health and abundance. Childhood trauma, physical, emotional and past life issues can be removed and you can experience greater freedom, wisdom, healing, regeneration and activation. Light Language can change and transform you at a cellular level.


Light Language is expressed through many different forms: Channeled words, physical movement, singing and chanting, written codes, symbols and art. One symbol, word, or movement can often tell a whole story. 


Before I channel light language, most often I receive a download of a general theme as to the transmission and it's purpose. However, sometimes it is only after speaking it that I will know what the message was meant for. 


When receiving Light Language, it may trigger an awakening and activation of codes within you that bring in harmony, connection to your higher self, and feelings of familiarity and recognition of this language.


You may feel energy moving in your body or a tingling while receiving it. You may also experience an opening up of intuitive visions. 


Afterward it is common to feel calmer, more peaceful and relaxed, sleepy, blissful, hungry or wired. Everyone experiences it in their own way


In a group setting, the Light language will be for the collective consciousness of the group. In a private one on one session, we will speak about what area or issue is of importance to you. I’ll use a variety of modalities, including light language, to connect to your higher self and guides to access answers to questions you may have about any area of your life that you would like to work on and explore.

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