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Thank you so much for the amazing healing session!!!

Felt like a good one third of aches and pains got removed, head and neck cleared, easier to stretch and walk... 

This is incredibly powerful work that you do, glad I found you!!!  Bless you!



I just wanted to share this about last nights healing...I mentioned in the chat that I felt cranio sacral movement...

Well, I have had a spasmed up neck muscle for about 3 weeks and it is WAY better now.

Thank you!! xo Eileen



Thank you for the relaxing light language last night.

My gums are healing quickly and there is absolutely no pain.

No Advil needed this time!  Had a great sleep too.  

xo Carolyn H.


Hi Alissa, Great news...we had our health biometrics done at work today.

My cholesterol has dropped from a total of 270 from three weeks ago,

to (drum roll, please) 162!!!!  

My LDL went from 195 to 95.  

Leslie H

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