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Sound/Frequency/Energy Healing

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Join me for an extraordinary voyage of sound and healing that will transcend the boundaries of your consciousness. In these evenings, I invite you to embark on a spiritual odyssey that will gently dissolve mental and emotional barriers, facilitate physical recuperation, and unveil the mystical realms beyond the reach of our everyday senses.

This sonic journey opens with a guided meditation to go inward which will gently prepare your body to a state of attunement allowing for deep introspection and reflection.


Simply lie back, relax and surrender to the symphony of light language and energy healing, drums, Tibetan bowls, gongs, the therapeutic strum of the harp, monocord and a multitude of other instruments. Their harmonious interplay will form a melodious expedition guiding you back to your soul’s purpose. 

During this journey, you are encouraged to focus on your breath and allow the vibrations of the instruments to guide you into a relaxed state.

As the sound journey progresses, you may experience a sense of connection with your inner-self and a deeper understanding of your consciousness.​ You may also experience breaking free from ingrained patterns and negative thought processes, which can open you up to new perspectives and a sense of mental clarity.

This sound/frequency/energy healing can help to create positive cognitive changes such as stress reduction, decreased anxiety and depression, improved mood, enhanced creativity, increased mindfullness and releasing emotional blockages and stored trauma - allowing for emotional healing. 


On a physical level, this healing can help greatly with chronic pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive issues, migraines and tension headaches, respiratory issues like asthma, immune system support and more.

This healing journey promises to revitalize you on multiple planes, elevating your vibrational energy, inviting an abundance of love, fostering profound happiness and granting deeper insights.

Be part of this sublime sonic extravaganza and allow your spirit to soar!

 90 Minutes of bliss


Madison, CT

Chuckey, Tennessee

Norman, Oklahoma

Lake Grove, Long Island, NY

Pompano Beach, FL

Soulful Steep Tea Co.

Dallas, TX

11/16/23    6:00pm
35.00 SOLD OUT
11/19/23    5 pm
11/17/23.   7:30pm 35.00
12/27/23     6:30pm
12/17/23    7:00pm
1/11/23    7:00pm
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