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Interview with Kate Magic!

Love this beautiful being!!! I was so happy to be interviewed by the amazing Kate Magic. Check out her Youtube for the interview and follow this amazing soul!

From her youtube post:

"What a joy to connect with this kindred spirit. Alissa Cohen was one of the stars of the US raw food scene, back when it was booming in the early 2000s. For some reason, we never connected at that time, but I remember seeing her beautiful beaming smile on the cover of her book Living With Live Foods, and was aware that she was helping so many people with her raw food education programmes. Chatting with a friend recently, we were discussing Bad Vegan (!), and got to wondering where some of the other former raw food superstars had got to. I had a little look around, and when I found Alissa, I was instantly heart-warmed to see a woman clearly growing into her power and standing strong in her feminine wisdom. I reached out, and found we had more in common than I ever realized. We had both always seen ourselves as energy workers, and had used raw foods as “bait” to hook people in, and offer them the deeper transformational experience they perhaps didn’t even know they were seeking. And now with the changing times, it’s easier to just put the energy work out in front, and serve the raw foods as an adjunct to that."

"In this interview we talk about:

How Alissa got into raw food initially

What it was like to be part of the raw food movement when it was taking off

How she sees Divine Feminine

What is Ascension?

What is her relationship with non-physical beings, how does she define them?

Her relationship with mother earth, and how she sees New Earth

Living in Sedona, Arizona

Her weekly healing sessions and new member programme."


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