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How can I help you start 2022 off right?!

I'm writing from a cafe on New Years day morning in Sedona, Arizona.

Last nights festivities and rituals of healings and manifesting are still swirling around in my head. Things shift quickly in Sedona. The vortex energy is real. In this land of spiritual seekers and teachers, things are intense. Spiritual insights can be found almost anywhere if you are open to them.

And in Sedona, there seems to be an intensity that helps people awaken and remember who they truly are. You feel it wherever you are here. Things speed up a bit in this magical place. It's the vortex energy that tugs at your soul and makes you remember. It's seductive.

When I first arrived here 2 months ago for a 2 week visit, I felt immediately drawn to this place. It was like coming home for me, having never been here before. The energy was palpable as soon as I got here, something very strong pulled me to Sedona. I knew I needed to come back and spend some time here. Now begins my 6 month stay...

Last night while doing some healings with friends here, I asked the universe what this trip would hold for me and what I should be open to experience. I heard, 'expand your mind, heal your heart'.

The more we expand our mind, the more we expand consciousness and awareness within ourselves. The more we heal our hearts, the more we can access deep intuition and psychic abilities within ourselves. Expanding one increases the other.

The veil here is thin, it's easy to tap into the energies of spirit.

What I heard in meditation this morning was that this year will be an amazing year for spiritual seekers who are brave enough to stay open minded, open hearted and willing to receive new insights into what truth really is (and isn't).

Spiritual insights will come fast this year.

The choices we make during this tremendous spiritual evolution and healing that is presently taking place on the planet, as well as the enormous spiritual and mental health of our mind and heart, will be what defines us and shapes our lives here on earth. This is a choice we all have. We have the option to remain stagnant and afraid of the unknown or to embrace change and challenges that will shape us into something greater.

Spiritual insights such as these are what I wish for you this new year. May 2022 bring you lots of magic & opportunity for self-discovery! And may 2022 help you expand your mind and heal your heart like never before!

If you'd like some help navigating through these unknown waters, I'm here for you through private session and the Tuesday Night Virtual Group Healings. I also have one spot open for the monthly intensives starting in February. Also, consider a private retreat if you'd like to come to Sedona this year!



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