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Tuesday Night Transformations

Updated: May 17, 2021

What does transcending time & space look like?

Imagine a healing session in your minds eye. Walking into a meditative room with a massage table. Candles lit… soft music playing. You can imagine being at peace & ready when you walk in, KNOWING that you will be able to release something mentally, emotionally or let physical healing happen.

You know that something special is about to take place.

In this new world of 2021, we have evolved SO QUICKLY that you do not need to wait for this special “spa like day”. Transformation can take place here & now, in your own home.

Every Tuesday. Incorporated into your weekly rituals.

We are evolving so quickly & the best part: your guides are here to support the work. We can begin to “let go” of how long the process can take. Instantaneous transformations are NOT just for the magical world, they happen weekly for us.

What to expect when you sign on?

These transformational sessions take place over zoom, where I can see you while you are in a relaxed, comfortable position. Some people have candles, crystals and other favorite healing tools around. Many have animals and other members of their family with them. What is important is that you can just relax and be in the comfort of your own home. No one can hear you and you do not need to be sitting directly in front of the camera so within the tiny screen so you are in a very private space, you get to create the most sacred of spaces in your very own home. You get to put your fuzzy slippers on, get a nice cup of herbal tea or warm water, turn OFF the phone & electronics. You’ve dedicated the hour to YOU.

During the Transformation, anything can happen! Whatever you NEED is what you will receive.

If there is something you are looking to heal physically, if there is something emotionally you are FINALLY ready to let go of, If there is something you are looking to Manifest…That is what is worked on!

All that is required from you is that you bring awareness to whatever you are looking to heal/transform and your guides/angels/God/Goddess/All there is will know what to do from there.

What is so incredible about these transformations is that we never stop growing. We never stop evolving…there is ALWAYS something that needs work & healing. As we ascend, there will be layers of emotions & releases that come up that we might not even be ABLE to label: our guides are all knowing. Spirit is all knowing. Like I always say: The Goddess ALWAYS says yes!

When you ask for healing, it comes.

So, as we journey into the depths of ourselves & our inner work, what we know for sure is that we are NOT alone! We are surrounded by our guides! Our spirit family, our ancestors and our inter dimensional family!

There is an entire TEAM of beings, just for you! All here to help you and guide you to your highest vibration. To becoming the walking personification of our Highest Self. They are just waiting for you.

During the Tuesday Night transformations, most people are able to see/feel/experience the flow of energy: out of the computer, into the room. Cocooning them in divine light of love & healing. Within that space: ANYTHING is possible!

Be open to the infinite. Be open to receiving healing BEYOND what our human minds can understand or rationalize. Beyond what we “think” we need: be open to healing. To transforming into the highest reflection of ourselves.

Hope to see you there! xoxo


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